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Our Story

Percenta Inc. is a dynamic enterprise based in Belize. Through close collaboration with the best European researchers and developers, we have the ability to always offer the latest nano products. It is our aim to introduce our nanotechnology to as many countries as possible and to define a new standard of sealing surfaces.

Our Service

Nanotechnology Retail & Trade
We are the right partner for retailers and traders who are interested in having their own brand.

Nanotechnology Industry
We offer a lot of ideas to increase the value and the advantage of business competition of the produced materials, especially for textile, synthetic material and building material industries.

Nanotechnology Distribution Partners
We offer a distribution partnership to every entrepreneur or trade representative. This gives you the possibility to expand your range of products and to seal your products before selling. So, the appreciated value of your products is increased and you are one step ahead of your competitors.

Nanotechnology - Lotus Effect

Our nano products recommended for all businesses with hygienic regulations, for example, food selling businesses, restaurants, cafes, butchers, abattoirs etc. Our products are, of course, also recommended for private use to protect all sorts of things against contaminants or weathering and to save time and money on the use of cleaning agents.

Facts about Nanotechnology sealants

Our nano sealants work most efficiently on their specially designated surfaces. These materials are differently combined, depending on the surface to be treated. The main volume of the solution is always water or alcohol. Through self-organising anti adhesion components, the 'nanos' form an invisible barrier similar to glass. Only the 'nanos' remain on the sealed surfaces, while the water or alcohol evaporates.


How our Nanotechnology sealant works

Nano particles

The nano particles organise themselves to form a coating and bond with the surface after application. When the surface is smooth and not absorbent, nano particles combine with the surface, so liquids are repelled taking contaminants with them. With porous surfaces, the nano particles fill up the pores from the inside. Fungus, lichen, algae and moss (in and outside) can no longer adhere to the surface. Dirt and liquids can't get into the surface anymore and are simply repelled. This is similar with textiles (natural and synthetic fibres), the fibres are surrounded with the coating. Dampness and dirt can no longer get through the fibres and is simply repelled. The treated textiles are completely harmless to skin.

Nano treatment

After about one day (with smooth surfaces and fibres) or up to two days (with porous surfaces) the coating develops its full anti adhesive characteristics. The surface tension decreases through the coating, so that liquids and contaminants can no longer adhere and are simply repelled. The look, texture and breathability of the treated materials are not affected.
About one hour after the treatment, the coating can be stepped on with clean soft shoes or objects can be transported and stored.

Nano coatings

Nano coatings are only a few nanometres thin and cannot be seen with the naked eye. It can only be seen under high magnification. The coating develops a strong chemical connection with the surface. On porous materials, detaching of the coating is not possible without damaging the surface. Smooth materials would have to be treated with a lot of effort, time and drastic methods (such as scouring agents, steel wool etc) to remove the coating. That also applies to 'soft' surfaces (e.g. synthetics), which could be damaged that way, and textiles that are cleaned unnaturally or through wear and tear.